In Sochi casino will host the EPT High Rollers amongst

Within the walls of a gambling zone “Casino Sochi” will be large-scale poker tournament on PokerStars In the period from 20 to 29 March, players can take part in the tournament with a guarantee sum of more than 122 million rubles.

 In total, the EPT will 25 poker tournaments. The buy-in main event is 175 thousand. Rubles. Start date is scheduled for March 24, the end – on March 29.

 High Rollers can also meet at the table during the period from 27 to 29 March, in the amount of the tournament buy-in amount to 371 thousand. Rubles.

 In addition to the prize pool will be held draw of Platinum Pass – prize package, giving the right to participate in the PokerStars Players Championship.

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 By the way, the construction of the second stage of casino gaming in a different zone of Russia – “Primorye” – is scheduled for early next year.

 Also as part of the tournament is scheduled to meet with Dmitry Gubernieva – Ambassador PokerStars Sochi. In parallel with the tournament will be organized entertainment and concerts at the casino “Boomerang” and on the main stage, “Sochi casino”.

 In his comments to the event Dmitry said he was happy to join the EPT and to take part in the fight for the Cup champion, who will provide PokerStars.

 Recall that in Georgia was initiated by a press conference in connection with the development of the problem, depending on gambling.

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